New Videos from Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine with TCM Congress Rothenburg 2020

DVDs and online videos about treatment with Chinese medicine

Our TCM video center is a collection of over 500 videos from all areas of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The videos are intended for TCM therapists and doctors and alternative practitioners of acupuncture – not for laymen. Let yourself be fascinated by TCM and learn more about acupuncture points, acupuncture techniques, treatment examples with Chinese herbs, Qigong, Tuina, Chinese dietetics and much more. For these videos, lectures and workshops have been recorded by and with world leading TCM specialists at the most famous international TCM congresses. They report on current treatments for both common and rare diseases, ailments and prevention, including videos on TCM treatment for cancer, fertility problems, childlessness, nutrition, sports injuries and many more. All lectures can be ordered online or on DVD for a fee. Here are three examples from Bob Flaws on Tibetan medicine, Dr. Volker Scheid on Chinese medicines and Stephen Birch on Shonishin (Japanese children’s acupuncture).

Videos on Traditional Chinese Medicine

Videos from Acupuncture and TCM

Videos for Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

Videos for TCM therapists about acupuncture techniques and treatment examples for training and practice.

Whether it’s the treatment of chronic pain, headaches, knee pain or weight loss – Our video center is one of the largest collections of videos on acupuncture treatment and Chinese medicine, with over 500 videos. Thousands of doctors and non-medical practitioners take advantage of this excellent opportunity to train and further their knowledge in TCM. The TCM videos are congress lectures by top TCM experts. You will find them here.

Videos on acupuncture treatment of complaints.

But besides the basic videos on TCM, most people will be interested in the practical examples. The best TCM experts from China, USA, Australia and Europe will be invited to the leading international acupuncture and TCM congresses.

There they will talk about their experience in the treatment of common complaints and diseases with acupuncture and Chinese medicine. On the basis of numerous disease pictures and complaints such as allergies, autoimmune diseases, headaches/migraines, burnout, sleep disturbances, treatment of breast cancer, chronic pain, gynecology, pregnancy and childlessness, how acupuncture or Chinese herbs can help – also in connection with orthodox medicine – but without side effects.

Videos as support for your acupuncture training

Even if you are currently in acupuncture training, many of the basic videos should be interesting for you. You will also find videos about important acupuncture point combinations, new acupuncture techniques such as tung-style acupuncture, interesting facts about acupuncture names and meridians. All this video will give you a deeper understanding of acupuncture points, pathways and their relationship to the organs (Fu), which will help you in practice.

New videos from acupuncture and TCMW

We are constantly being added to our video program and also point out new publications in your field of expertise in our newsletter.

The videos are in German or English language, sometimes also translated. You can view a 5-minute preview of each video free of charge. Most TCM videos are available on DVD or streaming.