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Remark: As it is too expensive to send our printed TCM catalogue by postal services we have decided to offer you our catalogue only in pdf format. The German descriptions of books and videos are in the German language English descriptions are for English articles.

Here you can find numerous new releases and proven books and videos from the traditional Chinese medicine. This TCM catalogue contents the most important and up-to-date TCM and acupuncture books and videos. Numerous annotations in the catalogue show you which alternative reference books or videos are available for the respective title or topic. The catalogue contains several sections like ear acupuncture, Tung´s acupuncture as well as books about Chinese and Western herbs. In addition to this, we have added books about Tuina, Qigong, nutrition and veterinary medicine (TCVM). So you find books of the entire elements of the traditional Chinese medicine. All books are in English. If you require books which we don´t have in our catalogue feel free to send us an email with the name of the author or title. We try to find the book for you.

The TCM catalogue is updated by us several times a year. However, the latest version (daily updated) can only be found with much more information about writers and topics here on our regular website.

The naturmed TCM catalogue is a comprehensive list with all the important books about Chinese medicine and is updated several times a year by us. You will find hundreds of books and videos about Chinese medicine on all forms and variants of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Western herbs, Tuina and Qigong. The catalog contents about 70 pages in Din A5 format and includes the following categories:

  • Acupuncture general 
  • Ear acupuncture
  • Japanese acupuncture
  • Chinese herbs
  • Western herbs 
  • Nutrition 
  • TCM in practice 
  • Basic texts / Foundation
  • Pulse diagnosis
  • Tongue diagnosis
  • Manual treatments 53
  • Books for laypersons 54
  • Qigong 55
  • Veterinary-Acupuncture/TCM

We get these books from all over the world for you. In many books and videos you can look inside and see if you like the article. The descriptions are in English. Our catalog has been around since 2006 and is primarily aimed at TCM therapists, but you will also find numerous titles for patients or those interested. For the respective books and videos we have supplemented the articles with numerous useful hints, which alternative articles would be recommended here from us or if there is still a book or video on the subject or what distinguishes the article particularly.

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