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Better Health through Natural Healing

How to Get Well without Drugs or Surgery, 3rd edition

  • ISBN: 9781583946671
  • 3rd ed. 2013, 560 pages


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Better Health through Natural Healing is a book for anyone seeking to heal common ailments effectively with natural treatments.
It was first published in 1985, this best-selling guide to traditional and alternative therapies has become one of the most authoritative compendiums of its type.
The authors Ross and Shea Trattler revised and updated the third edition fully to encompass recent developments in holistic medicine and healing.
The first part of Better Health through Natural Healing clearly explains the principles and tools of natural medicine, including diet, spinal manipulation, botanical medicine, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, and homeopathy.
The second part of the book offers practical advice for the treatment of more than one hundred common diseases.