Bodymapping Acupuncture Technique


    Bodymapping Acupuncture Technique is an advanced acupuncture style that is drawn from the Master Tung acupuncture tradition.
    This technique uses the body’s own anatomy to map new relationships for pain and stagnant conditions.
    The points are highly effective for pain treatment with near immediate results.
    Cole Magbanua describes newly discovered points and how to needle them.
    Edited by Dr. Kim Thompson, PHD.

    Author Cole Magbanua MAcOM, LAc started learning holistic medicine in 1991.
    He studied with doctors from a variety of medical traditions including Chinese, Korean, Ayurvedic and Himalayan while traveling around the world. He graduated from The Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in 1997. He has worked in a busy public health clinic, private practice, and volunteer clinics refining and using the Bodymapping Acupuncture Technique during the last 20 years.
    Magbanua was faculty at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine for 6 years and served as Clinic Supervisor, Herbal Dispensary Manager, and Teaching Faculty, sharing his unique style of Acupuncture. He holds a certificate in plant based nutrition from the Center for Nutrition Studies at Cornell University. He teaches seminars and gives lectures on Acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and nutrition around the world. He is currently in private practice in Portland, Oregon.