Fats and Oils in a Nutshell

Everyday use for health and happiness

  • ISBN: 9780974125770
  • 2007, 66 pages


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This book by Dennis Willmont provides you with all the simple basics you need to use fats and oils for optimum health safely and responsibly by understanding the following topics:

  • Distinguishing the good fats and oils from the bad ones
  • Understanding the destructive impact of industrially processed fats and oils
  • Avoiding labeling scams such as cold pressed and extra virgin
  • Avoiding the negative impact of heating oils industrially and in the kitchen
  • Knowing what fats and oils to use and why
  • Understanding the crucial function of Omega 3s
  • Knowing how to balance the Yin-Yang function of the Body/Mind with fats and oils.
  • Fats and Oils in a Nutshell simplifies the complicated field of fats and oils so anybody can use these foods properly.
    You won’t get this information from your doctors or from conventional medicine. All you need to understand are a few basic principles to get started right away to secure your health and that of your loved ones.
    This book is ideal for those who just want to know what to do without having to study charts and chemistry or take drugs.
    That information is covered in Fat Chance: Surviving the Cholesterol Controversy and Beyond.
    Fats and Oils in a Nutshell in contrast just shows you what to do.
    Look for the companion audio CD coming soon.