T. Prinster

Yoga for Cancer – A Guide to…

Managing Side Effects, Boosting Immunity, Improving Recovery

  • ISBN: 9781620552728
  • 2015, 324 pages


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Yoga for cancer is a book for those faced with a cancer diagnosis and the journey of doctor-led surgery and treatments, yoga offers a way to regain control of your body and take an active part in your recovery and long-term health. This book is an easy-to-follow illustrated guide. Yoga teacher and cancer survivor Tari Prinster presents 53 traditional yoga poses to address 10 common side effects and offers 9 practice sequences for varying stages of treatment and recovery. The author Tari Prinster sharing her own story as well as those of cancer survivors and yoga teachers with whom she has worked, she explores how yoga can be used to strengthen the immune system, rebuild bone density, avoid and manage lymphedema, decrease anxiety, detoxify the body, reduce pain, and help the body repair damage caused by the cancer and conventional treatments. She reveals the research that supports the physical and psychological benefits of yoga as an aid to recovery and in reducing the risk of recurrence. This book explains how yoga must be tailored to each survivor, she gives you the tools to create a safe home yoga practice, one that addresses your abilities, energy level, and overall health goals.
Through personal stories, well-illustrated poses, and sample practices for beginners as well as experienced yoga practitioners. Tari Prinster empowers survivors to create their own wellness plan in order to regain their independence and their physical and emotional well-being.

This book is a terrific guide for survivors to do a daily practice. It explains the benefits of yoga that directly address treatment side effects – short and long term. It’s goal is to bring this method of yoga for cancer as a beacon to every survivor in the form of a book. Tari did a wonderful job creating this step-by-step method and survivors everywhere will benefit. — Dr. Paulette Sherman, psychologist & author


T. Prinster

T. Prinster

Tari Prinster is a yoga teacher, also the founder of yoga4cancer and the Retreat Project and a breast cancer survivor. She has worked with thousands of survivors and yoga teachers nationally and internationally. Her work has been featured in the documentary YogaWoman, Yoga Journal, CBS News, DNAinfo New York, Yoganonymous…