Trigger point therapy

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Trigger point therapy workbooks and handbooks

There are many books on trigger point therapy. All involve diagnosis and treatment of myofascial trigger points in daily physiotherapy or osteopathy practice. Trigger points are painful hardenings in the muscle, e.g. may be caused by overload during sports or by postural damage. The treatment of myofascial trigger points may be by acupressure, by acupuncture, or by special trigger point therapies (e.g., shock wave therapy).

Look at the books for good representation of the muscles and how the muscle chains are described. There are various explanations of how myofascial pain develops. Often, anatomical drawings and photos illustrate where the trigger points and pain areas are located. Take advantage of our online Browse function, which allows you to view the structure and some sample pages. Illustrated exercises for patients are often a separate area in the books and are well suited to explaining myofascial relationships to the patient. Travell’s two flip chart trigger points are perfect for explaining the treatment of trigger point therapy with great pictures. Your pain patients will thank you.