Shudo Denmei

Fundamentals of Meridian Therapy in classical Japanese acupuncture


  • 2010, 2 DVDs, 360 min.


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ShShudo Denmei gives an insight to Japanese Acupuncture, moxibustion and Meridian therapy in general. The meridian therapy knows 3 causes of disease, internal, external factors, non internal non external factors (injuries). First he gives an overview of the history of Japanese acupuncture and an insight of today. He talks about different types of diagnosis and that it is mandatory to make pulse diagnosis. Shudo Denmei provides a lot of details and gives many practical examples. He tells about the questionnaire with a patient. You will find information why it is import to ask the person what kind of food he likes and what results you can get out of his answer. Later on Shudo Denmei will demonstrate different parts of Japanese acupuncture. He shows detailed how Japanese pulse diagnosis will be done and explains all important details. Then he demonstrates pulse diagnosis and explains how to use the five phase points. After the diagnosis the shows the treatment on a patient with Japanese acupuncture and direct moxa. He explains why he chooses the individual points and how he needles and discusses additional alternative treatments. You will see the needling in detail. Shudo Denmei demonstrates the needling techniques of meridian therapy in detail for different diseases, like knee problems, low back problems and others.

TCM Kongress Rothenburg 2010
2 DVD, 360 min., japanisch/englisch


Shudo Denmei

Shudo Denmei

Shudo Denmei wurde 1932 in Ohita, Japan, geboren. Als Kind erkrankte er an Lungentuberkulose, erholte sich aber durch Akupunktur und Moxibustion. Er machte anschließend eine Lehre bei Miura Nagahiko (dem Akupunkteur, der sein Leben rettete) und wurde in der Sawada-Art der Akupunktur ausgebildet. Er eröffnete seine eigene Praxis im Jahr…