J. Bold | S. Bedford

Integrated Approaches to Infertility, IVF, Recurrent Miscarriage

A Handbook

  • ISBN: 9781848191556
  • 2015, 375 pages


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Including a foreword by Professor Gab Kovacs.
An exploration of integrated approaches to infertility.
With specialist contributors, the book covers common conditions that reduce fertility, including immunological abnormalities, and explores how nutrition, acupuncture, reflexology and yoga can provide invaluable emotional and physiological support for couples undergoing assisted reproduction.
For health professionals and Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) practitioners, and for those seriously considering ART themselves.

Justine Bold is a senior lecturer at the University of Worchester, UK in the Health and Applied Social Sciences Academic Unit. She has personal experience of infertility and is now a mother to twins.

Susan Bedford is a highly experienced science teacher, speacialising in Biology and Chemistry.


S. Bedford

S. Bedford

Susan Bedford ist eine sehr erfahrene Naturwissenschaftslehrerin, die sich auf Biologie und Chemie spezialisiert hat.

J. Bold

J. Bold

Justine Bold ist Senior Dozentin an der University of Worchester, UK, in der Health and Applied Social Sciences Academic Unit. Sie hat persönliche Erfahrungen mit Unfruchtbarkeit und ist jetzt Mutter von Zwillingen.