Rhythm to Recovery – A Practical Guide to Using Rhythmic Music,

Voice and Movement for Social and Emotional Development.

  • ISBN: 9781785921322
  • 2016, 256 pages


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With a foreword by James Oshinsky, Ph.D Adjunct Professor of Psychology, Adelphi University, NY.
Learn how to utilise rhythm and reflection in both therapeutic and educational settings with this practical guide. This book presents a model of practice with a proven track record for social and emotional development, with examples of fun, interactive rhythmic exercises to use with both individuals and groups.
Combining rhythmic music and movement with cognitive reflection and mindfulness, this comprehensive handbook shows how drumming and other rhythm-based exercises can have a powerful effect in individual, group and family settings.
Incorporating the latest research on how rhythmic music impacts the brain, this book features over 100 different exercises spanning five key developmental areas: social and emotional learning, identity and culture, strengths and virtues, health and wellbeing, and families, teams and communities. It offers a safe entry to cognitive reflection through fun, experiential rhythmic exercises and is useful for working in settings such as school, child and adolescent counselling settings, mental health and drug and alcohol interventions, trauma counselling and relational counselling. Important sections on the use of metaphor and analogy show how to reinforce experiential outcomes. The book also contains helpful sections on working with specific populations, key facilitation skills and managing challenging behaviours. Downloadable resources such as evaluation forms, certificates and 52 session cards optimise the process of implementing this approach in practice.

In Rhythm 2 Recovery, Simon Faulkner has distilled years of successful, evidence-based practice into a comprehensive series of highly accessible rhythmic exercises and reflective starting points that will be a valuable addition to any therapeutic practitioner’s toolkit. What’s more, he has opened up the field of rhythm work in such a way that no prior musical expertise is needed to be able to use these exercises – making this accessible to therapists, educators and group leaders who may never have considered using rhythm in their work until now. Highly recommended!
— Dr Jane Bentley, Specialist consultant, music in health care settings

If you are now working with, or ever planning to work with, any type of at risk population in schools, behavioral centres, hospitals, drug and alcohol rehabs, mental health rehabs, trauma services, prisons or child protection services, then you cannot afford to miss an opportunity to learn from the body of work Simon Faulkner provides in this new book.
— Arthur Hull, Village Music Circles, CA

Simon Faulkner gets to the soul of rhythm and its potent use when working with individuals, families, and groups of all ages. This book is a treasure. It’s a must-have for anyone working in a therapeutic or educational context.
When words get in the way, tune in to the principles that Rhythm2Recovery offers in this packed filled resource book.
— Dr. Daryl Chow, MA, Ph.D. (Psych), Counselling Psychologist, Specialist Psychological Outreach Team (SPOT), Senior Associate & Trainer, International Center for Clinical Excellence (ICCE)