The Hot Detox Plan

A 21-Day Program to Heat Your Gut and Cleanse your Body

  • ISBN: 9781401951955
  • 2017, 352 pages


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The Hot Detox is an incredible tool that has the potential to truly transform your life.
Whether you have a skin disorder, allergies, belly bloating or irritable bowel syndrome, this tool works by taking stress off your digestive system until it is restored. In the past, detoxification was traditionally done in the spring and fall when temperatures were moderate and fresh greens were plentiful.
However, the popularity of New Year’s resolutions in January pushes many people to want to cleanse in the heart of winter. But this goes against common sense. In the winter, we need to keep our fires burning to cope with a cooler climate.
The Hot Detox is a deep cleansing programme that serves up a delicious, warming menu with anti-inflammatory remedies that spark digestive vitality.
It embraces the ancient wisdom of India and China, applying the time-tested intelligence of warming up the body’s core.
The Hot Detox Plan is a soul-satisfying, 5-step detox plan that uses metabolism-boosting spices and hearty recipes to reduce bloating, heal digestion and reset your vitality. You can have delicious healing food in a balanced approach over the course of 3, 10 or 21 days.
Get ready to eat hot, comforting foods, feel a warm, happy glow – and look hotter than you have in years!

Julie Daniluk developed her own diet and methods to overcome her own digesting problems.
This is part of her story:
My health journey began when I was very young, but I became a healer when I battled back from an attack of a digestive infection that nearly killed me in Thailand. The infection ravaged the lining of my gut. I was no longer able to digest starches and developed allergies to dozens of different proteins-dairy, wheat, rye, spelt, corn, peanut and potato, to name a few. After years of coping with pain caused by inflammation, (…)I decided to give everything I had to healing. I spent four years rebuilding my gut bacteria and repairing the lining of my digestive system. In the process of healing myself, I recognized that other people who struggle with inflammation and digestive distress desperately needed the information I was learning and the results I was accomplishing. I decided to write my healing journey into my bestselling book, Meals That Heal Inflammation. (…)
Now, every day that I choose a healthy option is one in which I can feel greater clarity, fluidity, energy and happiness.
Every day that I choose a healthy option is also one in which I can feel the gratitude of wellness.