Physical Therapies

Books on Physical Therapy

Physical therapies – what is meant by the term physical therapies. These are various forms of therapy based on physical methods, such as heat, cold, light and electrical stimulation. Often, these procedures are used concomitantly, with the aim of promoting the healing process and restore the physical constitution. The supporting field of application is often with the classical massages and the physiotherapy, just in the pain therapy and rehab.
Leading physical methods are balneotherapy, electrotherapy, light or

phototherapy, photo-chemotherapy (PUVA = UV light, psoralen), thermotherapy and hydrotherapy as well as heliotherapy. Balneotherapy deals with baths, drinking cures and inhalation. Electricity is used in electrotherapy, heat and cold in thermotherapy, hydrotherapy is all with water (sauna, infusions, etc.) and heliotherapy uses sunlight. Thus you will find in this section some books on the common physical processes.