The Big Course on Photomedicine

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    The Big Course on Photomedicine
    Certify yourself as a phototherapist!
    Photobiological therapy offers a completely new, incomparable way to specifically influence metabolic processes in the body. Its effects are groundbreaking and represent a true game changer in the field of biomedicine.
    Today, we use the medical term Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBMt) for this approach. In the past, it was referred to as laser therapy or low-level-laser therapy. Scientifically it has been very well researched and is not a new alternative method – and yet still far too little known.

    What does this course offer?
    The aim of this course is for you to qualify as a professional phototherapist – that is an all-rounder in phototherapy, someone who knows the whole potential and not just fragments. Today, the application of photobiological medicine is usually taught in a limited way, focussing on one or a few indications or goals. This is quick, clear and makes sense if you want to use phototherapy specifically for just one indication or concentrate on one small section of its possibilities.
    However, if you want to discover the potential phototherapy actually offers and how you can use it universally in your therapeutic work and also privately, then this is the right course for you.

    Who is this course intended for?
    The course is aimed at medical specialists, general practitioners, alternative practitioners and physiotherapists as well as therapists with comparable professional qualifications. It is for all therapists who want to exploit the potential of photobiomodulation fully.

    How is the course structured and how long is it?
    The course consists of four parts (Part 1 to Part 4).
    You will learn about the phenomenal effects of PBM and how and why PBM is able to achieve these (Part 1), how you can guarantee and optimise these effects in practice (Part 2), how these effects serve various specialist medical fields (Part 3), and what forms of PBM application are available to you (Part 4).

    The four course parts contain nine video modules with a total duration of 14 hours. The course corresponds to a 3-day face-to-face course.

    PART 1 Photobiomodulation as a Game Changer (3 h)
    The first part consists of two 2 videos/chapters and comprises a total of 6 themes (A to G).

    • 1-1 From voodoo to science (1 h 30 min)
    • 1-2 How does PBM work? (1 h 22 min)

    PART 2 When does Photobiomodulation work? (3 h)
    The second part consists of two chapters and comprises a total of 4 themes (A to D).

    • 2-1 Optimisation of therapy parameters
    • 2-2 Optimisation of the treatment technique

    PART 3 Medical and Special Application Fields of Photobiomodulation (5h 30 min)
    The third part consists of three videos/chapters and comprises a total of 4 themes (A to D).

    • 3-1 Medical application fields 1 traumatology, neurology, psychiatry
    • 3-2 Medical application fields 2 orthopedics, sports medicine, dermatology, internal medicine, dental medicine and ENT
    • 3-3 Special applications laser acupuncture, auriculotherapy, frequency therapy

    PART 4 Application Forms of Photobiomodulation (2 h 45 min)
    The fourth part consists of 2 videos/chapters and comprises a total of 4 themes (A to D).

    • 4-1 Systemic effects and applications
    • 4-2 Other application methods

    What competencies will I acquire with this course?

    • You will understand the biochemical and quantum biological effects of phototherapy on body cells and tissues and be able to assess its effectiveness, depending on existing pathophysiology.
    • You will know the potential uses of phototherapy in orthopedics, pain management, traumatology, neurology and psychiatry, dermatology and internal medicine, as well as dentistry and otolaryngology.
    • You will overcome uncertainties related to dosing light – the single challenge of phototherapy – and be able to optimise therapeutic results.
    • You will be able to apply simple, effective basic treatments universally to promote the range of therapeutic procedures you offer.
    • You will be able to assign phototherapy a major role in your practice.

    Do I need a special PBM device or laser for this course?
    No. The focus is on scientifically proven applications and effects. If you have a professional PBM device (a laser or a good LED device) you can apply the contents of this course to your device.
    In our practical videos we include exemplary demonstrations using devices from five different manufacturers so that you can get a feeling for the different priorities that manufacturers set.
    As for lasers, we favour class 3B PBM lasers because these offer more application options. Therapists using a Class IV laser cannot implement various PBM therapy options demonstrated in this course. If you don’t have a PBM device yet, the course will also give you an overall orientation.

    Your trainers
    Anja Fuechtenbusch (Dipl. Biol., M.Sc. Photobiology, Naturopath) with Shekar Yavagal (MDS, D.Orth., Ph.D., Head of Colll Asia), Farzad Sahlepour (M.Sc, Photobiology, COLLL head trainer on transcranial PBM), Volkmar Kreisel (Ph.D., MD, orthopedics and pain management), Michaela Detzel (Dr. rer. nat., HP Dermatology) and Thomas Thornton (Ph.D.).
    We are specialists in the field of photomedicine and are involved both in research and the practical use of PBM on a daily basis.

    How long do I have to complete the course?
    If you complete the course and take the exam within a year, you will receive a certificate. The course itself is available to you for longer.

    What certification will I be given?
    You have two possibilities when you book the course: You can either choose the PHOTOTHERAPIST (COLLL) certification course that includes four tests to check your knowledge, or you can choose not to take the tests and receive a Training in Photomedicine (COLLL) certificate of attendance instead.

    How does this work exactly?
    On booking the course, the four parts of the course will be uploaded onto your account together with a multiple-choice test, consisting of 10 questions, for each part.

    1. PHOTOTHERAPIST (COLLL) qualification certificate
    If you want to gain a PHOTOTHERAPIST (COLLL) qualification certificate, you have to take the respective test after each part of the course. For each of the four tests you will be given a code on completion. After you have finished the course and taken all four tests, purchase the PHOTOTHERAPIST certificate module and enter your 4 codes. You will then be able to access and download your PHOTOTHERAPIST certificate.

    2. Training in Photomedicine (COLLL) certificate of attendance
    If you do not want to take the tests, you will receive a Training in Photomedicine (COLLL) certificate of attendance at the end of the course. This still means that you have the possibility of taking the tests at a later date and, using the respective four codes, of obtaining a PHOTOTHERAPIST (COLLL) qualification certificate.
    How much does the course cost?
    The course costs 480,00 €.
    The PHOTOTHERAPIST (COLLL) certificate module costs 90,00 €.




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