Wynn-S. | Marsden-S.

Manual of Natural Veterinary Medicine

Science and Tradition

  • ISBN: 9780323013543
  • 2002, 768 pages


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This handy reference provides users with an understanding of complementary and alternative treatment options for more than 130 common disease states, presented with scientific support and simple explications of TCM concepts. A practical manual, it describes a variety of possible approaches to small animal disorders that are organized logically by body system and alphabetized within each chapter. Concentrating on nutrition, herbs, traditional Chinese medicines, and physical therapies, the authors present both tradition- and evidence-based therapies for disorders that are not always responsive to conventional therapies. Each discussion presents therapeutic rationales with the goals of treatment, alternative therapies with conventional bases, paradigmatic options, experiential clinical suggestions, and case studies that describe the history, physical examination, assessment, treatment, and outcome of a specific patient. This rich range of information is key to illustrating for the reader how to develop a treatment plan. The appendices offer practical backup for designing treatment plans, from homemade diets and Chinese food therapy to oral herb doses and an herb cross-reference table.

Whether complementary and agents are new to you or you are being overwhelmed by the mountain of information available, the Manual of Natural Veterinary Medicine is your single, quick-reference source of practical, authoritative information!
After introductory chapters on Chinese medicine, the second part of this practical guide features a body-systems approach containing user-friendly discussions of natural therapies for common disorders presented with scientific support. Monographs include therapeutic rationales, alternative therapies with conventional bases, paradigmatic options, and authors choices.
You will find treatment options for more than 130 common conditions of dogs and cats that will allow you to develop and implement treatment plans today.
The Manual of Veterinary Medicine gives you everything you need, so you can be prepared for just about anything!