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New Acupuncture books and new books for TCM

Recommendations from TCM and New Acupuncture Books

New publications – new acupuncture books

The new acupuncture books and books on Chinese medicine show the enormous range that the Chinese healing system offers, both nationally and internationally. Today’s generation of TCM authors, not only supported by the new media, works much more networked and informs faster than before. The exchange about new acupuncture techniques, point combinations, new treatment methods with acupuncture and herbs, insights into the treatment of certain symptoms, is much more pronounced among today’s TCM specialists than in the past. New findings from acupuncture research in Israel or Turkey are perceived and processed much more quickly by us and other countries.

Books of Chinese acupuncture and Japanese acupuncture

Books from Stephen Birch about Japanese Acupuncture or of Kiiko Matsumoto and David Euler called Clinical Strategies Volume 1 and 2 are the leading textbooks for Japanese Acupuncture. You can find them here in this shop.

TCM in practice

The TCM practice section has hundreds of books for the treatment of children, sports acupuncture and thousands of different diseases.

In the course of the topicality concerning the high demand concerning the topic fertility/IVF the first books for the treatment of potency disorders are coming on the market. It does not always have to be Viagra…


Chinese herbs – books for easier learning

Of course we have Dan Bensky´s materia medica and formula books in German and in English as well as John Chen´s Pharmacology books. We recommend for further insights the new book by Volker Scheid, Handbook of formulas of Chinese medicine – with a fantastic color system and caricatures of constitution types – as a wonderful way of learning to work with Chinese herbs, in order to better memorize the effects of Chinese medicinal herbs.

Therapists who already work with Chinese herbs will find a wonderful book in Walk along the river. The book shows on the basis different practical examples, how one uses Chinese formulas with the knowledge of one of the best Chinese TCM herbal specialists. A similar book is 56 treatment methods by Qin Bowei. Here Dr. Qin discusses with Jason Blalack some cases, as it was known in earlier times between master and his student. An absolute highlight with a lot of practical relevance from our point of view.

Power Soups in Chinese Nutrition (Chinese Dietetics)
For TCM-therapists, who use the Chinese nutrition theory supporting in the therapy, here you can find many other books to use nutrition effectively in TCM.

Patient guidelines for TCM

For TCM patients, a small endometriosis guide has now been published explaining why and how TCM can help with endometriosis and what the therapist and patient can do to help themselves.

As you can see, TCM lives and develops constantly. Many of the new acupuncture books have also been revised both didactically and in terms of content and supplemented with new topics. Even if you have been working as a therapist in TCM or acupuncture for a long time: Stay curious and open-minded. There is always something new from TCM… Take a look at the naturmed TCM videocenter with hundreds of congress lectures by renowned TCM therapists. Naturmed – technically competent and modern.