Basic animal medicine

Books, DVDs and other media on basic animal medicine

TCM in the animal world

TCM for Animals? Of course, the same treatment patterns of Chinese medicine apply to animals as to humans. No matter if dog, cat or horse – they all have a blockage or dysbalance somewhere, which the veterinarian diagnoses according to TCM criteria. The subsequent therapy then follows with acupuncture, Chinese or Western herbs, nutrition or Tuina massage.

The right nutrition is the be-all and end-all – also for your animals.

When feeding animals, the same rules apply as with the 5-element diet: depending on the diet, cooling or warming foods, those that move the qi or nourish the yin or drain moisture are used.

Know the acupuncture points of your animal

For veterinary acupuncture, you need to know where the acupuncture points are in the dog, horse or cat. Moxibustion or laser acupuncture is also extremely effective in animals.

Mastering the basics

For all these topics you will find national and international books on alternative veterinary medicine or veterinary TCM. Basic books of the TCM veterinary medicine, like the pocket atlas acupuncture acupuncture atlas for horses or TCM for dogs and cats – you find here a large selection of the TCM veterinary medicine.