J. Shah

Into the Periodic Table

The Second Series

  • ISBN: 9783980962605
  • 2005, 262 pages


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Together with Dr. Rajan Sankaran and other colleagues, Dr. Shah has pioneered what has come to be known as the Bombay School of Classical Homoeopathy.
Homeopaths from all over the world have been going to Bombay for years to learn new theories and concepts that have given a new impetus to homeopathy and revitalized the field. Homeopaths can now achieve, through the application of reproducible methods, previously unimaginable levels of understanding of the patient.
In this book, Dr. Jayesh Shah shares with us cases of patients who have done extremely well with remedies from the second series of the periodic table. Remedies that –for the most part- have probably been under-prescribed until now because we did not have a deep understanding of their core aspects. His comments and analysis of those cases reveal the essence of remedies in this row, and allow the reader to understand the subtle differences when one goes from one column to the next.
Dr. Shah also introduces us to his clear understanding of the issue of structure in mineral remedies:
This book provides us with new tools to understand what are those criteria and how to evaluate the ‘self-weight’ of each person so that we can prescribe a remedy that matches this ‘sensation of the structure’ and is highly recommended for anyone who is interested in refining their understanding of mineral remedies. Dr. Shah’s vast experience, subtle case-taking and unique teaching style are felt throughout the book and will captivate the reader.
Dr. Rajan Sankaran says it best in his foreword to the book:
Jayesh brings into his Homeopathy a unique blend of curiosity, inquiry, patience, persistence, all of which arise from a deep and genuine desire to help the person in front of him.

Also available in German Translation. Dieses Buch ist auch in deutscher Übersetzung erhältlich.


J. Shah

J. Shah

Dr. Jayesh Shah ist in Bombay in einer Gemeinschaftspraxis mit seiner Frau Rajul tätig. Er kann auf über 25 Jahre Erfahrung als klassischer Homöopath zurückblicken. Bereits sein Vater war ein populärer Homöopath, der 40 Jahre praktizierte. Dr. Shah hat sich in der homöopathischen Fachwelt eine weltweite Anerkennung erworben und hält…

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