Advanced Myofascial Techniques Volume 1

Shoulder, Pelvis, Leg and Foot

  • ISBN: 9781909141162
  • 2015, 208 pages


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Advanced Myofascial Techniques, Volume 1 is the first of two beautiful, information-packed
guides to highly effective manual therapy techniques.
Focusing on conditions of the shoulder, wrist, pelvis, sacrum, leg, and foot,
Volume 1 provides a variety of tools for addressing some of the most commonly encountered complaints.
With clear step-by-step instructions and spectacular illustrations, each volume
is a valuable collection of hands-on approaches for restoring function, refining proprioception, and decreasing pain.
Includes about 175 illustrations, including 56 3-D anatomical colour perspective renderings.

Table of Contents:
Online Resources
Part 1: Essentials
1 Bone
2 Fascia, Part 1: Understanding Fascial Change
3 Fascia, Part 2: Fascial Tools and Techniques
Part 2 Lower Limb
4 Type 1 Ankle Restrictions and Plantar Fasciitis
5 Type 2 Restrictions and the Ankle Mortise
6 Ankle Injuries and the Fibula
7 Hammertoes
8 The Shoe-Bound Arch
9 Hamstring Injuries
Part 3 Pelvic Girdle
10 Hip Mobility
11 Sciatic Pain
12 The Sacrotuberous Ligament
13 The Sacroiliac Joints
14 The Ilia
Part 4 Upper Limb
15 The Wrist and Carpal Bones
16 The Thenar Eminence
17 Frozen Shoulder, Part 1: The Glenohumeral Joint
18 Frozen Shoulder, Part 2: The Rotator Cuff.