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Osteopathy books for practitioners

Books on Osteopathy

Be it books on the fascistic distortion model (FDM) or abdominal muscle training. In our field of osteopathy you will find many valuable books on parietal, visceral osteopathy, and craniosacral osteopathy. You will also find books on reflexology massage (by Marquard), as well as the trigger point therapy. We have many well-known authors in our assortment, such as Barral, Liem, Upledger, Agustoni and Chaitow. We would like to recommend some books of osteopathy here.

Books by Jean-Pierre Barral

The book Traumatology in Osteopathy by Jean-Pierre Barral and Alain Croibier gives an overview of the biomechanics of trauma. The whiplash is discussed here in detail. It often leads to head and neck pain, sensory disturbances, balance disorders, dizziness and pain syndromes. Furthermore, it can lead to psycho-emotional reactions. The writing team focuses on specific structures of the skull, central nervous system and surrounding tissues. These include, for example, the cerebral and spinal cord skins and cranial sutures. Traumatology in osteopathy is very detailed and richly provided with illustrations. Thus, Barral and Croibier have succeeded in presenting the osteopathic diagnostic procedures such as ecoute test, three-finger test and manual visceral diagnosis clearly. The last section of the book provides information on special manual techniques for treating often persistent complications of traumatic injury. With this book Barral and Croibier provide a foundation for osteopathic treatment of trauma patients.

Osteopathic Treatment of Children

Another book that is very informative is the book on osteopathic treatment of children. It contains all the theoretical medical and osteopathic aspects of childhood disorders and disorders. In addition, the reader learns everything about the osteopathic techniques for specific indications in the different age groups detailed and impressively presented in words and pictures. In the second edition, some new areas have been added: the osteopathic techniques for specific indications in children of different ages, the basics of the anatomy, physiology and development of the child. All aspects relevant to osteopathy are considered, including fascia, muscles and bones. The classic osteopathic techniques and connections are also made. The book provides a unique imaging material of anatomical specimens from children of various ages, which is otherwise in any publication. Here osteopaths will find what they need!

Typaldos, Römer, Corts

The books on the fascia distortion model (FDM) by Typaldos and the practical textbook on the fascial distorsion model by Römer are also very popular. Magga Corts has written an interesting book about sports osteopathy and a diagnostic guide to osteopathy.

 Alternative Practitioner Examination

For all, who deal with the alternative practitioner examination, there is a separate category of medical practice books.