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Books on the Bobath concept, Vojta therapy and neurology in Physiotherapy

Here you will find neurological reference books on the Bobath concept – a very important method to treat children and adults with neurological disorders. We also have books on Orth about Vojta therapy in children.

We would like to introduce you to the following books:

The textbook on the Bobath concept

The Bobath concept is one of the most recognized ways to treat children and adults with neurological disorders. Here it is presented for the first time from different perspectives. The book describes the history, provides contributions from the individual therapeutic areas. Reports from relatives and patients.

A portrait of the Bobath concept with its roots, developments and new insights – from the point of view of physiotherapists, ergo and speech therapists, medical nurses, a mother and a patient. Well-known authors describe how the basic ideas of promoting activities for everyday life were created and how they are implemented today. Here are historical stations and neurophysiological foundations for language, but the focus is on the

specific application in each therapy area. The therapists impart their practical experiences and give insights into the variety and complexity of treatment options. The background to the concept comes alive through retrospectives on the life and work of Bertha and Karel Bobath. For the first time, the book gives insights into how the Bobath concept can be applied in all its interdisciplinary and is a professional, but also human, benefit for everyone involved in the therapeutic process!

Textbook on Vojta Therapy

The Vojta Therapy by Heidi Orth shows the basics of motor development in the first year of life and discusses the diagnostics and the therapy procedure in an easily understandable way. It also considers the conditions and framework conditions of this form of therapy, such as neurophysiological connections. Another focus is on the interactive context. Since the parents are significantly involved during the therapy and success, the relationship of child, parents and therapists is of great importance. Particularly helpful for affected parents are the competent answers to the most frequently asked questions. A book that convinces with sound and practice-oriented information on dealing with the little patients. The Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, PNF therapy for short is a treatment concept that you can find here.