Lymphdrainage books

Books on lymphatic drainage and lymphology

Lymphdrainage books

What is it and how is a manual lymphatic drainage treatment performed? We have the necessary basic books with instructions for the right grip technique for doctors, physiotherapists and masseurs.

The basics of lymph drainage treatment

The book Fundamentals of Manual Lymphatic Drainage also provides anatomical foundations of the lymphatic system. The lymphology, the treatment of edema, are presented in our book in the book of Michael Földi and Roman Stößenreuter. If you want to go even deeper, you might be even better off with the textbook Lymphologie.

Practice books for doctors, physiotherapists and masseurs

The Guide to Lymphology describes the complete supply chain of the various types of edema and their clinical pictures, thus providing even experienced therapists with a good and safe basis for working in physiotherapy practice. How to drain the dr. The authors use Wittlinger correctly in their book, using Vodder correctly and stimulating the lymphatic circulation of the organism by means of circular and pumping movements. Again, you can browse online in the book online. Find here all lymphdrainage books.