Anatomy flash cards for osteopathy and physiotherapy education

Anatomy flash cards of physiotherapy and osteopathy

Anatomy learning cards – the ideal preparation for exams

The anatomy cards are perfect for exam preparation because of their excellent pictures. Vessels, nerves and muscles, their position and courses are depicted with large colour illustrations and memorable descriptions. In this way you prepare yourself optimally for your anatomy examination.

Study cards – ideal for exam preparation

Through the design you will quickly find the most important details of the respective body parts with image and text memorably arranged. The contents are structured didactically and systematically. So you have all the facts at a glance. With the anatomy learning cards, you can also query yourself very well. This saves a lot of time in the tight exam preparation.


Anatomy flash cards everywhere with you

A great addition to the Prometheus Learning Atlas. The anatomy learning boards are also suitable for quick reference in daily practice after passing the anatomy examination. The 367 learning cards are from the areas of back, thorax, abdomen and pelvis, upper and lower extremities, head and neck as well as neuroanatomy. Due to their handy size, they are very practical and can be taken anywhere.