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Anatomical models, ointments, sprays for your physiotherapy practice

Accessories for physiotherapy practice

In the Physiotherapy Accessories section, you will find anatomical models, ointments, sprays and just about everything you need for a physiotherapy practice. If you are a physiotherapy school or for your own physiotherapy training – here you find the right sprays. The products selected by us are high-quality products and have been used by many physiotherapists for years in professional use. In physio education, as well as in practice, the

knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology of the human body is extremely important. Our anatomical models are true to detail and of high quality and give you certainty in the treatment of the patient. Ointments, massage oils and herbal sprays by Dr. med. Zippelius have been working for years in the professional sports field, as well as in everyday practice with physiotherapists. Security and competence. Since we use many products ourselves, we can advise you first-hand.