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Dorn Therapy Books

What’s Dorn-Therapy?

The Dorn Therapy, also known as the Dorn Method, is named after the German farmer Dieter Dorn, who discovered and developed it. It is a manual therapy used around the world for joint problems, especially back pain. Dorn Therapy also has its firm place in physiotherapy training. This method is also called spine therapy after Dorn and combined with the muscle relaxation according to Rudolf Breuss. Gentle spine therapy is a method of treating blocked or malformed vertebrae and joints.


The Spine – the Protective Shield of our Body

The body is supported by the spine. The spine, in turn, serves as a protective shield for the spinal cord. As vertebrae move, the nerves leaving the spinal cord are compromised, leading to pain, dysfunction and tissue changes. This therapy also integrates elements of the meridian doctrine known from traditional Chinese medicine.

Unfortunately there are currently no books in English available on this method.