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Books about fascia treatment for the manual therapy

Fascia training is more than just a trend. Meanwhile, many patients have recognized the importance of fascial therapy and are interested in it. Therefore, it is only understandable that therapists deal with the topic even more intensively than before and gather their findings. This results in books on various fascial training exercises, fascia yoga, fascia qigong, stretching, blackroll exercises. The training and further education for the fascia treatment are also increasing.

Textbooks for fascia treatment and fascia training
This is where the more scientific textbooks by Paoletti or Schleip with detailed descriptions and illustrations are used. Some therapists may also be interested in the fascia distortion model of Typaldos. Again, there are some great books to learn the FDM. For many books, you can browse the book online to get a clear opinion.

Fascia treatment in practice
There are now good books on fascial therapy. We recommend the workbook Trigger Point and Fascial Therapy by Stechmann. Incredible photos of various connective tissues can be found in the books and videos of Guimberteau.

Fascia books for therapy and training
Again, the range is great. Whether books on the dynamics of the human connective tissue of Morree or on the pain gestures -Diagnosis in fascicistor distortion model therapy – the spectrum is wide.

Fascinating literature for professionals
Many new studies and findings have been published by some of the leading fascia treatment specialists, Schleip, Stecco, Chaitow or Myers, in an English book on Fascial Dysfunction. Of course, we also carry all books on the FDM method (fascia distortion model) after Stephen Typaldos.