Anatomy books

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Anatomy books

Anatomy: The most important basic books for physiotherapists and osteopaths
The scholars argue about which is the best anatomy book. We cannot answer this question either. One thing is certain: Anatomy books are needed by everyone who is trained as a physiotherapist or osteopath. You will learn anatomy, physiology and pathology in your physiotherapy/osteopathy training and need the right tools.

Our recommendations for anatomy books

Here we recommend the books Prometheus (learning package anatomy) by Michael Schüncke and Erik Schulte, by Sobotta Atlas der Anatomie (3 volumes) by Friedrich Pauslen and Jens Waschke or the Physiofachbuch by Reichert. There is the Atlas of Anatomy by Sobotta as a single volume to learn, understand and train anatomy. It is now available in its 24th edition and is precisely tailored to the needs of pre-clinical students – and relatively inexpensive.

Easier learning, understanding and training thanks to the new learning concept

The focus is primarily on the subject matter that is important for testates and physical examinations. The atlas and the website focus on exam-relevant knowledge right from the start. The new learning concept makes learning, understanding and training much easier. The image descriptions emphasize what is important. The clinical examples show anatomical details in their overall context. The drawings are optimized and the captions are reduced to the essentials. In addition, the Sobotta slipcase offers an extra booklet with 100 muscle tables for systematic learning.

A good introduction with the Prometheus learning atlas – internal organs

Prometheus – inner organs, is an important learning atlas with added value and a high safety factor. The authors Schünke, Schulte, Schuhmacher show the structure and embryonic development of the organ systems. The information is ideally packaged to get into the complex topic. It rounds off our examination knowledge and lets us understand the organs as part of a system. In Prometheus, diseases of the internal organs and diagnostic procedures are explained.

Prometheus Learning Cards – Little Helpers for Your Anatomy Examination

In addition to the textbook there are also the Prometheus study cards of anatomy. These anatomy learning cards contain handy knowledge for study and examination. The cards contain selected pictures and texts from the three Prometheus atlases. They are supplemented by specific questions with examination-relevant content. Ideal for on the road. Prometheus comprises a total of 367 flashcards with unique images. These are arranged according to body regions and concentrate in each case on a topic. The cards are handy and clear in terms of content, save time and make learning and repeating the material effective. The included ring makes it easy to take the selected cards with you wherever you go.

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