Arborophilia: Writings on Trees

Diamond Path of Life Series

  • ISBN: 9781890995829
  • o.J., 70 pages


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Inspired by his lifelong love of trees, Arborophilia is a magnificent collection of therapeutic writings by one of the great healers of our age.

Intensely personal, yet accessible in style, and ranging from single, poetically stated thoughts to brief essays, the book is infused with a deep spirituality and teems with remarkable, highly original insights into its subject that can only enhance our respect for, and relationship with, the natural world.

And perhaps most importantly, as with all Dr. Diamond’s writings, each item is specifically designed to raise the Life Energy – the innate healing power – of the reader.
A remarkable, uniquely powerful work, essential reading for anyone interested in nature and healing.

“I look at trees around me and I understand, I feel, I know, tree worship.”

  • John Diamond, M.D.
  • Author