The Structural Basis of Life

  • ISBN: 9781909141841
  • 2018, 180 pages


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The author explains What is (bio)tensegrity? Biotensegrity is an evolving science which provides researchers, teachers, and practitioners across a wide range of specialisms including all bodyworkers and movement teachers with a deeper understanding of the human body and therefore the ability to develop their clinical practice and therapeutic effectiveness in light of this understanding. This book explains the basic principles of biotensegrity and explores our understanding of anatomy and  hysiology in the light of the latest research findings. New features of the second edition include: Now in full color throughout Expansion of the developmental and therapeutic aspects of biotensegrity to consider:
A more thorough look at life?s internal processes Closed kinematic chains as the new biomechanics
Embryological development as an evolutionary process The human body as a constantly evolving system based on a set of unchanging principles Emergence, heterarchies, soft-matter and small-world networks A deeper look at what constitutes the therapeutic process.