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Trigger Points and Muscle Chains

Effective trigger point therapy

  • ISBN: 9783132413511
  • 2. Aufl. 2018, 272 Seiten


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Effective trigger point therapy This unique guide takes an in-depth look at trigger point therapy. Split into two sections, it combines detailed theory with practical techniques. You will find comprehensive information on a broad spectrum of topics such as myofascial chains, the craniosacral model, and the classification, diagnosis, and therapy of trigger points. Highlights:

  • Different models of muscle chains
  • Detailed explanations of trigger points and their treatment
  • Over 260 instructive illustrations and high-quality photographs
  • Featuring input from various different specialties, this outstanding book is an essential tool for osteopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractors using trigger point therapy, and all others working in pain therapy. A clear layout and detailed anatomical drawings allow you to quickly improve your therapeutic skills. The result: accurate and effective pain therapy!