Atlas of Osteopathic Techniques

3rd edition

  • ISBN: 9781451193411
  • 3rd ed. 2015, 640 pages


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This unique reference is ideal for exam preparation and clinical rotations, as well as an excellent refresher for the daily clinical practice.
A detailed, fully-coloured guide on manipulative methods commonly taught and used in osteopathic medical education and practice.
With more than 1,000 quality photos and illustrations highlight concise plus readable text all on the same or adjacent page for quick and easy reference.
This third edition includes extensive additions to the chapter on cranial techniques, as well as significantly revised overviews of high-velocity, low-amplitude techniques, muscle energy techniques, and counterstrain techniques. Throughout the text, new icons clearly direct you to more than 250 accompanying videos that depict specific manipulations, examination techniques, and anatomical demonstrations.
Concise, highly organized, and easy to navigate, Atlas of Osteopathic Techniques by Prof. Alexander S. Nicholas helps you confidently master common manipulative techniques and understand the reasoning behind them.

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