Notes on the Spiritual Basis of Therapy

  • ISBN: 9781890995287
  • 1986, 70 pages


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This is a collection of lectures centered around the true purpose of all therapy—the uplifting of the soul, the activation of the thymos.

Aspiration is a function of the thymus gland. Therefore whenever someone’s thymus gland tests weak I merely have him say with feeling and understanding. I aspire. Automatically the thymus activity is corrected. Aspiration involves a putting out from the heart, the spirit rising up to the Divine and going out to other people, the spirit of personal love and concern for all objects on the earth, and of course, deeper than this, an aspiration to be reunited with the Divine.
Love for our fellow man and for God are the deep properties that keep the thymus gland active, and as we have seen, thymus activity is the controller of the life force. Thus, through aspiration we can achieve perfect health of mind and body and spirit.

Review by Lois Henderson, BookPleasures.com:
The crux of this collection of short notes, which contains the seminal thoughts of Dr. John Diamond on the spiritual foundation of his therapeutic work, lies in his belief that “God meant for us to respect all the laws of nature in terms of nutrition, seeking peace and serenity, a oneness with nature and a balancing and a harmony of our energy, aspiring to be as one with Him.”
In sharing with us his deepest thoughts on physical, spiritual and emotional well-being, he points us in the direction of how we can best seek to heal ourselves.