J.-P. Barral

The Hip Joint, DVD

19 Treatment Demonstrations

  • 2018, 1 DVD, 60 min.


Delivery time: ca. 1 - 3 Tage


Every single technique is introduced with the help of anatomical drawings that Barral himself created especially for this purpose. They allow us to gain an exceptional insight into the anatomical relationships that are of importance during the distinct steps of each treatment. The first chapter is dedicated to the abductor muscles, active stabilisers of the hip joint. Also, essential parts of the fasciae, like the fascia lata, are given attention here.
The second chapter addresses those active stabilisers that serve rotation and adduction. Barral dedicates in this chapter special attention to the piriformis muscle and the sacral plexus.

The third chapter concerns active as well as passive hip stabilisers. Additionally, in the theoretical as well as the practical part of this chapter the relevant ligamentous structures are addressed.

In the fourth chapter Barral guides us through a number of innovative techniques that are relevant to the treatment of nerves and vessels.

All parts of this DVD have been video recorded in HD quality by a professional camera team. During shooting and cutting this one aspect was of paramount importance: the quality and the sequence of the images should facilitate mastering the different techniques shown


J.-P. Barral

J.-P. Barral

Jean-Pierre Barral, Osteopath D.O., ist der Begründer und international führende Vertreter der Viszeralen Osteopathie und kann auf über 30 Jahre praktische Erfahrung zurückblicken. Er leitet die Abteilung Viszerale Manipulation der medizinischen Fakultät in Paris du Nord und ist Direktor des Collège International d’Ostéopathie in Saint Etienne. Neben seiner weltweiten Tätigkeit…

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