Muscolino-J. E.

The Muscle and Bone Palpation Manual with Trigger Points,

Referral Patterns and Stretching, with video lessons

  • ISBN: 9780323761369
  • 3nd ed. 2022, 598 pages


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Develop the clinical reasoning and judgement skills you need for effective muscle palpation! The Muscle and Bone Palpation Manual with Trigger Points, Referral Patterns, and Stretching, 3rd Edition, provides a detailed guide to the art and science of palpation, along with clear instructions for massage assessment and treatment techniques. It describes how to palpate, how to stretch, and how to use trigger points, and prepares you for practice by covering the ligaments, all the major massage strokes and draping methods, and an extensive chapter on body mechanics. Written by renowned lecturer and instructor Joseph Muscolino, the text includes access to an Evolve website with more than four hours of video demonstrating muscle stretching.

Step-by-step muscle palpation coverage makes it easy to understand and remember each step of palpation techniques.
UNIQUE! Coverage of stretching describes the role of stretching as part of effective treatment, with drawings of self-care stretches presented alongside therapist-assisted stretches.
General muscle information includes attachments, actions, and a drawing of the individual muscle.
Full-color photos and illustrations show palpation of muscles, exactly how the muscles look, and where the muscle is located underneath the skin as it is being palpated.
Illustrations of trigger points and referral patterns make it easier to identify locations, showing where trigger points lie on the muscle and where pain radiates when an injury is felt.
Coverage of bone palpation teaches you to identify and palpate bones and bony landmarks.
Assessment and massage treatment strokes are shown in illustrations and in the Palpation Notes, moving you from theory and assessment to practical application.
Case studies in each chapter emphasize critical thinking and clinical reasoning, allowing you to apply your knowledge to the practice setting.
Deeper Thoughts questions challenge your reasoning skills.
Measurable objectives at the start of each chapter identify key goals and are companied by a chapter overview, outline, and key terms.

New and unique. Chapter on orthopedic assessment is added to this edition. NEW video lessons on the Evolve website feature Dr. Joe demonstrating bone and muscle palpation protocols.



Muscolino-J. E.

Muscolino-J. E.

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