A.M. Gilroy

Anatomy – An Essential Textbook LATIN

Latin Nomenclature

  • Verlag: Healing Arts Press
  • ISBN: 9781626231177
  • 2015, 532 pages


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Maximize your study time with Anatomy: An Essential Textbook!
A total of 400 USMLE-style review questions with explanatory answers.
A streamlined, bullet point format to help you quickly learn essentialfacts and concepts.
Including 70 tables for quick review of crucial information and more than 450 brilliant, fully labeled color illustrations, from Thieme’s acclaimed Atlas of Anatomy.
Also with online access for study and self-testing with labels-on, labels-off.
Focuses on the targeted information for USMLE success.
Consulting editor: Hugo Zeberg.
Illustrated by Markus Voll and Karl Wesker.


A.M. Gilroy

A.M. Gilroy

Anne M. Gilroy, University of Massachusetts, Worcester.