Medical Therapeutic Yoga

Finding patterns in human health

  • ISBN: 9781909141131
  • 2016, 392 pages


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Ginger Garner has always described her therapeutic practice as ‘slow medicine’, offering an antidote to the ‘drive-thru’ for short term gain approach of ‘fast’ healthcare delivery. The concept of ‘slow medicine’ is a perfect description of what this book covers and why yoga therapists and other healthcare professionals will find its content and approach invaluable as they strive to achieve long term health improvements and wellness in patients and clients. For yoga to be used safely as medicine and to meet the needs of today’s society, yoga postures should evolve by embracing the current evidence base. Medical Therapeutic Yoga provides this evolution by including the evidence base to facilitate the development of integrative health care practices and protocols.
• This book serves as a modern, non-dogmatic, evidence-based guide to yoga posture and breath prescription based on the most current biomechanical and neurophysiological theory and common mechanisms of injury.
• Offers an antidote to the drive-thru short-term gain, long-term loss of ‘fast-food’ healthcare delivery.
• Medical Therapeutic Yoga covers injury prevention and wellness, clinical evaluation and diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, and organizational and professional health and well-being.
• The book applies yoga as medicine for physical therapy, occupational therapy, athletic training, sports medicine, pain management, and physical and rehabilitative medicine.
• Evolution of the postures and breath techniques, via the evidence-based precepts presented in the book, will provide a patient-centered biopsychosocial model of assessment through the lens of integrative medicine and orthopaedics.
• Medical Therapeutic Yoga brings a large body of work, known as medical therapeutic yoga, to health care professionals, making provision for safe and relevant application of yoga postures as medicine.
• The book is accompanied by an online reference of photographic sequences for medical yoga program planning and prescription.
This book will be invaluable for:
health care professionals, yoga therapists, and yoga teachers, including but not limited to:
physical therapy and manual therapy
osteopathy and orthopaedics
physical and rehabilitative medicine
occupational therapy
athletic training
massage therapy




Dr. Ginger Garner is an internationally active orthopaedic physiotherapist, author and educator. She is particularly interested in the use of yoga in health care, especially in relation to injury prevention, pain treatment and self-help. Her specialties are the pelvis and the hip. Dr. Garner attaches great importance to gender equality…