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Spine and Joint Articulation for Manual Therapists

  • Verlag: Handspring
  • ISBN: 9781909141315
  • 2016, 308 pages


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The book focuses on the practical application of articulation and mobilisation techniques
with clear explanations and visual support of the techniques.
Techniques are described for all body regions.
Most other books for therapists include only one chapter on these important techniques.
This book covers a variety of best practise techniques for all areas of the body.
Examples are given to show how to adapt the techniques with the patient in different positions.
It also addresses the use of these techniques on children, the elderly and pregnant women.
The mechanisms of each technique are explained with reference to the related anatomy and physiology.
Information is also given to help the therapist use the techniques safely
(for both themselves and their patients) by adapting their own stance
and posture to get maximum effect with minimum effort.

Table of Contents:
History of Articulation, Mobilisation and Spinal Manipulation Techniques.
Mechanisms of Action Physiological Effect of Articulation on the Body.
Differential Diagnosis for using Articulation and Mobilisation
Contraindications Red Flags when using Articulation and Mobilisation Techniques
Therapists positioning, couch height, posture and stance
Joint movement, looking at flexion, extension, side bending and rotational techniques.
Articulation and Mobilisation Techniques for Cervical Spine.
Articulation and Mobilisation Techniques for Cervical-Dorsal Junction
Articulation and Mobilisation Techniques for Shoulders and Elbows
Articulation and Mobilisation Techniques for Wrists and Hands
Articulation and Mobilisation Techniques for Thoracic Spine
Articulation and Mobilisation Techniques for Ribs
Articulation and Mobilisation Techniques for Lumbar Spine
Articulation and Mobilisation Techniques for Pelvis and SIJ
Articulation and Mobilisation n Techniques for Hips
Articulation and Mobilisation Techniques for Knees
Articulation and Mobilisation Techniques for Ankles
Articulation and Mobilisation Techniques for Feet

Categories: Physical Therapy, Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Sport and Fitness, Massage Therapy

Ben Calvert-Painter has been a qualified osteopath since 1998 and a medical acupuncturist since 1999. During this time he has worked in a variety of fields as an osteopath including side-line work with amateur and semi-professional football and rugby teams and ringside for white collar boxing. Additionally he has worked in private practice and NHS practices, working closely with consultants and GP’s. He has an in-depth and varied teaching experience including being a clinic tutor in the British School of Osteopathy’s general clinic and clinical lead in one of their external clinics within a GP practice. He has also been a lead technique tutor at the BSO and is currently a lead technique tutor at the College of Osteopaths teaching introduction to HVT and advanced HVT techniques; this has included developing course handbooks and DVDs for the courses. At the BSO he also acts as a research supervisor and both at the BSO and Coet as an examiner in technique and clinical exams.


B. Calvert-Painter

B. Calvert-Painter

Ben Calvert-Painter ist seit 1998 Osteopath und seit 1999 Akupunkteur. Während dieser Zeit hat er in einer Vielzahl von Bereichen als Osteopath gearbeitet, darunter Nebenbeschäftigungen mit Amateur- und semiprofessionellen Fußball- und Rugby-Teams sowie am Ring für Wirtschaftsboxen. Zusätzlich hat er in Privatpraxen und NHS-Praxen gearbeitet und dabei eng mit Beratern…

Giles Gyer

Giles Gyer

Giles Gyer is a British trained specialist musculoskeletal Osteopath and Medical Acupuncturist who has worked within health and fitness for over 14 years, treating patients from office workers to international athletes. Gyer is one of the Clinical Directors at Osteon Therapies, with three multi-disciplinary clinics within London, he is also…

Jimmy Michael

Jimmy Michael

Jimmy Michael is a British trained Osteopath who also has a sports and exercise science degree and diplomas in medical acupuncture and soft tissue therapy. Michael has been in the health and fitness industry for 14 years treating patients from office workers to professional football players and formula one drivers.…