Amanda Neill

The A to Z of the Skeletal Muscles

with 320 colour illustrations

  • Verlag: Amber Books Ltd
  • ISBN: 9781921930188
  • 2017, 280 pages


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The origins, insertions, blood & nerve supply as well as simple testing for all muscles are listed alphabetically with separate illustrations, after an initial introduction explaining the major muscle groups and their actions, and other muscle movements.
Basic structural components of the skeletal muscle system are included with a comprehensive glossary explaining all terms used in the field. With over 280 pages and 320 illustrations this robust little book still fits in your pocket.

Dr. Amanda Neill is passionate about making subjects clear through the use of images,
and her belief that ‘a picture tells a thousand words’ informs the approach to the A to Z books,
where the guiding principle is to make learning anatomy as straightforward as possible.
She is also intensely aware of the needs of those studying anatomy for the first time,
and the A to Z books were developed in close collaboration with students.


Amanda Neill

Amanda Neill

Dr Amanda Neill is a highly experienced anatomist, teacher, and developer of educational resources. She has written extensively on anatomy, pathology and other paramedical subjects, for students and professionals alike. She lectures widely to undergraduate and postgraduate students and practitioners in medicine, dentistry, physiotherapy and other disciplines. Dr Neill also…