Yoga Biomechanics

Redefining stretching

  • ISBN: 9781909141612
  • 2018, 272 pages


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The book gives teachers a grounding in biomechanics so that they can easily use yoga and/or stretching with their students. Most yoga teacher schools provide only limited training in anatomy and biomechanics, and the study of the effect of mechanical forces on structure and function is often overlooked and/or misunderstood. Aesthetic cues (i.e. instructing students where to place their hands and feet in yoga asana) may not be biomechanically appropriate for everyone. Readers will learn to fit the pose to the student, rather than making the student fit the pose
This book:
Highlights useful, evidence-based applications and examples of yoga and/or stretching.
Provides insight into critical interpretation of research findings helping the reader to avoid clinical assumptions.
Encourages variety in popular modern day asana, using yoga props and a keen eye, based on the understanding of how tissues adapt to applied loads.
Educates yoga teachers to think beyond common scripted yoga education.
Supports teachers to understand biomechanics, rather than simply memorizing anatomy, empowering them to make smart choices for instructing a variety of populations in both private and group class settings.