Treating autoimmune diseases with Chinese medicine

Treating autoimmune diseases with Chinese medicine

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Interview with Mrs Wanzhu Hou, author of Treating autoimmune diseases with Chinese medicine

LAc, Dipl CH, Ac, OMD(USA), acupuncturist and physiotherapist, Associate Professor an der TCM-Universität Nanjing and CEO of the All Natural Medicine Clinic.

Dear Mrs. Hou

  1. naturmed: Why do you think does the number of patients with autoimmune diseases raise so extreme?

Mrs. Hou: I think the people live in now they are pretty busy and stressful for their family and work, environment changed, infections as well as mistakenly use medications that may trigger immune reaction, cause autoimmune diseases.

  1. naturmed: TCM and acupuncture are a real alternative to usual drug treatments – especially in the problematic area of the treatment of autoimmune diseases. The demand is huge. Would you encourage only experienced practitioners to treat autoimmune diseases?

Mrs. Hou: TCM and acupuncture treat autoimmune diseases receiving a great response in clinic it widely be reported in the world already. The purpose of The book I published is trying to explain why how Chinese medicine treat it and its treatment pattern on both Chinese and conventional medicine. And there has a bridge between Chinese and conventional medicine. No matter what disease the acupuncturist to treat, the first important thing is one must clearly to realize the Zheng is, mean must have a great technique on Bian Zheng. The book gives an evidence that Chinese medicine could treat even heal autoimmune diseases, the long term results are better than simply use conventional medicine lonely.

Due to the medications be using in clinic widely, some of symptoms are covered when patients face to acupuncturist. Therefore, the practitioners know fundamental conventional mediation is better than don’t know! If the patient is in the early stage there has no any symptoms for practitioners to Bian Zhen, so if one knows the pathological process that would help patients walk out from nightmare quickly and effectively.

  1. naturmed: You and your colleagues are very experienced. But young TCM-therapists wonder if they can treat patients with those diseases. Which special background except TCM-knowledge should TCM-practitioners have when they start to treat autoimmune diseases?

Mrs. Hou: This book was designed for young practitioners. They are able understand the pattern in both fundamental medicine and the pattern for treating autoimmune diseases with Chinese medicine. And what is meaning of Yin and Yang, and why Chinese medical practitioners must base on Bian Zheng. This book is a shortcut way for young practitioners quick and fast understand Chinese medicine and practice better in clinic.


  1. naturmed: The book focuses on the application of Chinese medicine in the treatment of a wide range of autoimmune diseases (like rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and psoriasis). Some of the therapists work only with needles and don´t use Chinese hebs. Can they still use your book for the autoimmune therapy?

Mrs. Hou: Chinese medical tools include acupuncture and herbal medicine. They have the same fundament medical theory. Therefore, no matter you just use acupuncture or combine both medical methods together, through the book you can understand the mechanism of Chinese medicine, and the process of the treatment as well as its practice pattern, ensure the treatment results.


  1. naturmed: In the books you can find very good case studies. Are there any special recommendations for therapists to give their patients after a successful treatment to maintain the healthy situation?

Mrs. Hou: Yes, good question! Just like the book said, Chinese medicine mentioned yin and yang balance that equals conventional medicine said cellular structure and its function. Imbalance mean is the structure of cells be destroyed, the goal of Chinese medicine treats autoimmune diseases is to recover the damaged structure and its function. Which different with conventional medicine just to cover the symptoms. But potentially the patient has an abnormal imbalance physique of yin yang that need Chinese medical practitioners to continue taking care. Therefore, if you successfully save the patient’s life, then you need to do is to suggest patients to continue their good life style, on your diet therapy, keep patient in remission. The balance yin and yang of Chinese medical treatment may last for the patient’s life time.

The interview was done between Mr Müller-Gißler (naturmed) and Mrs Hou.

You will also find a seminar about the treatment of autoimmune diseases with Western herbs at the TCM-congress in Rothenburg 2016. See here the webpage of the TCM-congress.

Here some information about the book which is also available in German:

Table of Contents
Preface. Introduction.
Chapter 1 – Basic immunology and immune system disorders.
Chapter 2 – An overview of Chinese Medicine and autoimmune diseases and the role of yin deficiency.
Chapter 3 – Systemic lupus erythematosus.
Chapter 4 – Cardiopulmonary disease and lupus.
Chapter 5 – Rheumatoid arthritis. Chapter 6 – Autoimmune hepatitis.
Chapter 7 – Crohn’s disease.
Chapter 8 – Graves‘ disease.
Chapter 9 – Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.
Chapter 10 – Mental illness and autoimmune disease.
Chapter 11 – Multiple sclerosis.
Chapter 12 – Psoriasis.
Chapter 13 – Raynaud’s phenomenon.
Chapter 14 – Scleroderma. Chapter 15 – Sjogren’s Syndrome. Conclusion. Appendices. Glossary of immunology. Index of Chinese herbal formulas. Index of acupuncture points.

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Here the link to the German version of Dr. Hou´s book:

Hou, Autoimmunerkrankungen mit chinesischer Medizin gezielt behandeln.

>>Link to Autoimmunerkrankungen mit Chinesischer Medizin gezielt behandeln. Es gibt noch einige andere Bücher zum Thema Autoimmunerkrankung und chinesische Medizin. Schauen Sie doch einfach mal bei naturmed vorbeil

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