Julie Ann Day

Fascial Manipulation – the Stecco method

from the practitioner’s perspective

  • ISBN: 9781912085019
  • 2018, 220 pages


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The book of Julie Ann Day is about the impact that the Fascial Manipulation according to Stecco (developed by the physiotherapist Luigi Stecco). It is about fascial dysfunctions. Is has bee build on the clinical experience of 16 well-established practitioners from several different countries and from different disciplines, including physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy and massage therapy.
This is the first book that compiles the clinical experienc of practitioners who have acknowledged Luigi Stecco’s work and have played an important role in the diffusion of this Stecco method in their daily work.
The knowledgeable clinical view of these experts will have immense value for the readers of this book. An introductory chapter outlines the theoretical models underlying the Fascial Manipulation – Stecco method and the clinical reasoning process applied in this method. Each subsequent chapter presents the application of the Fascial Manipulation – Stecco method in detailed case reports. Chapters are divided into three main sections (Musculoskeletal, Internal Dysfunctions and Other Perspectives) and they provide useful information either for other practitioners of this method or for colleagues who are interested in approaching this type of fascial work. Furthermore, the personal accounts presented here provide ulterior historical background to the development and spread of the Fascial Manipulation – Stecco method, which has generated and continues to generate numerous areas for research.
About 100 color photographs and drawings.



Julie Ann Day

Julie Ann Day

Julie Ann Day is an Australian trained physiotherapist with over 35 years of clinical experience. In 1998 she began studying Fascial Manipulation with Luigi Stecco, the Italian physiotherapist who developed this method, and has translated four texts by Luigi Stecco from Italian to English. An authorized teacher of Fascial Manipulation…