Fascia in Motion

Fascia-focused movement for Pilates

  • ISBN: 9781909141285
  • 2017, 352 pages


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This complete guide is beautifully illustrated and provides a comprehensive guide to fascia-focused training in original and contemporary Pilates. the 14 chapters showes each principle of training is expressed in fascia-oriented Pilates. Besides to a compendious exercise compendium, chapters in Fascia in Motion include functional applications of fascia training in Pilates including:

Pilates fascia oriented training for aging well
Pilates fascia oriented training for computer posture
Pilates fascia oriented training for osteoporosis
Pilates fascia oriented training for hip and knee replacement

Videos of Elizabeth Larkam showing each of the exercises personally are supplied to the text. A truly stunning accomplishment and the synthesis of a lifetime’s dedication to the art and science of Pilates.