Carl Todd

Managing the Spino-Pelvic-Hip Complex

An integrated approach

  • Verlag: Handspring Publishers
  • ISBN: 9781913426293
  • 2022, 247 pages


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Managing the Spino-Pelvic-Hip Complex is based on the author’s extensive clinical experience in the assessment and treatment of athletes at all levels. He has worked in the field of high performance sport for almost 20 years. This experience has informed his clinical reasoning and treatment philosophies, which are also based on the knowledge gained from engaging with science as part of his PhD.

The book contains a complete management strategy for manual practitioners to use when treating problems related to the spine-pelvis-hip complex. It presents a strategy aimed at simplifying functional, biomechanical and bio-psycho-social analysis models that can be used as diagnostic tools to highlight kinetic chains and/or specific segmental limitations in the spine-pelvis-hip complex. The author provides a rationale for the use of treatment specific to the needs of the athlete using the appropriate manual techniques on the lumbar spine, pelvis and hip joint. Treatments are also complemented by active lifestyle management strategies that include activation techniques and movement control exercises.

Managing the Spino-Pelvic-Hip Complex complements the courses developed and delivered by the author. It can also be used as a stand-alone teaching tool and is useful for any therapist working in the sports environment.

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Lumbar spine

2.1 Spinal alignment

2.2 Anatomy of the spinal column

2.3 Development of spinal morphology

2.4 Descriptive spinal parameters

2.5 Spinal classification models

Chapter 3 Pelvic girdle

3.1 Anatomy of the pelvic girdle

3.2 Descriptive pelvic parameters

3.3 Pelvic Incidence

3.4 Pelvic Tilt

3.5 Sacral slope

Chapter 4 Hip joint

4.1 Anatomy of the hip joint

4.2 Development of increased hip joint morphology

4.3 Development of increased acetabular morphology

Chapter 5 Functional and non-functional movement of the spino-pelvic-hip complex

5.1 LBP in athletes

5.2 Pelvic pain in athletes

5.3 Hip pain in athletes

5.4 Movement and Control impairments to the spino-pelvic-hip complex

Chapter 6 Assessment and Examination techniques

6.1 Lumbar spine examination of the articular, myofascial and neural systems

6.2 Pelvic girdle examination of the articular, myofascial and neural systems

6.3 Hip joint examination of the articular, myofascial and neural systems

Chapter 7 Manipulation and mobilization techniques

7.1 Neurophysiology of manipulation

7.2 Effects of manipulation on the myofascial system

7.3 Pre-manipulation tests and patient safety

7.4 Techniques for the lumbar spine, pelvis and hip joint

Chapter 8 Rehabilitation techniques

8.1 Mobility and stretching

8.2 Neuromuscular motor control

8.3 Work capacity

8.4 Strength

8.6 Sports specific


Carl Todd

Carl Todd

Carl Todd PhD MSc (Sports Med) BSc (Hons) Ost DO CSCS Cert Ed is a registered osteopath, qualified lecturer, published author and a certified strength and conditioning specialist. His academic qualifications include a PhD in orthopaedics and clinical science and a master’s degree in sport injury medicine. Carl is consultant…

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