R. Gautschi

Manual Trigger Point Therapy

Recognizing, Understanding and Treating Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction

  • ISBN: 9783132202917
  • 2019, 713 Seiten


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Treat the pain exactly where it arises!

How to combine mechanical, reflective, biochemical, energetic, functional, cognitive-emotional and behavioral phenomena? Learn how you not only affect peripheral nociceptive pain, but also directly influence pain processing and transmission mechanisms through manual trigger point therapy.
With Gautschi’s therapeutic approach you will learn how to recognize and deactivate the potential of trigger points in the development of pain and dysfunctions. The book also explains how you can treat accompanying fascial disorders and prevent repetitions.

Focal points:

-Clinical background of myofascial pain and dysfunctions

-Muscles, trigger points and pain patterns at a glance

-Neuromuscular incarcerations shown in detail

-Screening tests and pain guides for all common clinical samples

-Manual treatment of trigger points and fasciae

As Senior Instructor at the Swiss Interest Group for Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy (IMTT), Roland Gautschi is a guarantor for comprehensive and well-founded knowledge in his specialist field at the cutting edge of research and with the highest quality standards in written communication of the same. Gautschi’s physio books are among the best-selling in their field.

Gautschis book offers you a detailed and systematic introduction to this important manual therapy. The book also contains a code to access your free online version of Manual Trigger Point Therapy.


R. Gautschi

R. Gautschi

Roland Gautschi ist Physiotherapeut und Instruktor für Triggerpunkt-Therapie IMTT sowie Vorsitzender des Lehrerkollegiums der IMTT.

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