Galloway-N. T. M.

Seeking Symmetry

Finding patterns in human health

  • Verlag: Amber Books Ltd
  • ISBN: 9781912085118
  • 2018, 200 pages


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In this book you will find a guide through the huge mass of data generated by contemporary science. We are simultaneously glutted with an overload of information about the human body to stay healthy. This book´s essence will guide readers through the parts of the human bodies and introduce tangible, visible examples of symmetry throughout the body, as well as symmetries between humans and other species. It presents the symmetries of the body’s internal structures that, despite their complexity, are nevertheless easy to understand when viewed from the perspective for pattern. Through both words and images, this book will illustrate the most foundational of the principles, structures, and processes that decide how bodies function. A core purpose of the book is to present this knowledge through a lens that makes the information meaningful, by modeling the habit of symmetry-seeking. According to the author this book is suited in particular with manual therapists and movement workers. And while we hope that the idea of searching for symmetry, across systems and medical specialties, will transform the way doctors and other healthcare providers approach health and treat disease, the symmetry seeking approach is most powerful in the hands of individuals themselves, not as patients, but as human beings who desire to recover, maintain, and maximize their personal health. By its nature, the scope of the book is expansive and widely interdisciplinary, reaching beyond medicine and biology, and science into art, story, and other disciplines, such as agriculture, food science and nutrition. We hope to spark an interdisciplinary exchange and offer a model to reveal new opportunities to improve human health. The book will apply symmetry seeking to practical examples from a few representative arenas, such as the reorganization of healthcare, problems in food, industrial farming, and the pharmaceutical industry. While the book will cite contemporary research, we have created a slender volume whose main objective is to spark new thinking and incite readers and researchers alike to make connections between existing data and their own experiences as human beings.’


Galloway-N. T. M.

Galloway-N. T. M.