Lynn Stoller

Sensory-Enhanced Yoga for Self-Regulation and Trauma Healing

  • ISBN: 9781912085132
  • 2019, 296 pages


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Sensory-Enhanced Yoga for Self-Regulation and Trauma Healing, by Lynn Stoller, OT, MS, OTR, C-IAYT, RYT500, E-RYT200 and outstanding experts, expertly combines theoretical concepts and research from the fields of occupational therapy, trauma psychology, neuroscience and traditional Eastern yoga philosophy to develop a transdisciplinary model for posttraumatic growth to heal symptoms of combat stress, PTSD or other unsolved traumas or anxiety disorders. The model is shaped by the highly successful yoga treatment protocol used with U.S. military personnel in Kirkuk, Iraq, jointly developed by the author (Stoller et al, 2012), and by their experience teaching yoga to veterans in their local community.
Sensory-Enhanced Yoga was developed to meet the needs of people.
The aim is to reduce hypersensitivity to sensory influence (e.g. visual, mass, touch, sound, movement). Improvement of sleep quality and energy level to support well-being and increase daily productivity.

Lynn is the founding President of the Sensory-Enhanced Yoga Institute. Sensory-Enhanced Yoga evolved from her role as the Associate Investigator and co-author of the highly successful Iraq yoga study, Effects of Sensory-Enhanced Yoga on Symptoms of Combat Stress in Deployed Military Personnel (Stoller et al, Jan/Feb 2012 AJOT). Lynn has trained yoga instructors and health professionals in sensory-based yoga techniques for combat stress and PTSD since 2008, and was a leading faculty member of two pioneering veteran/ military yoga organizations (Yoga Warriors 2008-2011, Warriors at Ease 2011-2016). Lynn is also an occupational therapist at Cotting School in Lexington, MA and teaches therapeutic yoga classes for veterans in the Boston area.



Lynn Stoller

Lynn Stoller

Lynn is the founder of the Sensory-Enhanced Yoga® Institute. Her special focus is on war-related sensory processing disorders and yoga as a therapy method. Since 2008, Lynn has been training yoga trainers and doctors in sensory yoga techniques to treat stress and PTSD. Lynn is a co-worker and lead author…

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