Jean-Pierre Barral

The Shoulder, DVD

25 treatment Demonstrations

  • 2018, 1 DVD, 90 min.


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New Manual Articular Approach (MAA) is a manual therapy modality that applies a comprehensive approach to the treatment of joints. It integrates all aspects of the joint including the nerve, artery, bone, capsule, and ligaments, as well as visceral and emotional connections. MAA delves into the joints like never before. It examines the nerves of each joint, along with the arteries, meniscus, ligaments, capsule attachments and folds. It incorporates soft tissue mobilization of the associated bones, while looking at direct and indirect relationships between the bones of the body. The relationship between the viscera and the joints is not widely understood. MAA shows how interconnected they are and that without addressing this visceral connection many joint issues may not fully resolve. The application of the gentle MAA techniques improves the body’s ability to heal and restore itself to optimal health. This DVD about the treatment of the shoulder introduces a new modality of working with joints developed by Jean-Pierre Barral, DO in cooperation with Alain Croibier, DO. More than 40 years of clinical practice have led to this innovative approach, which includes all the different components of a joint:
Capsule & labrum
Synovial fluid inside the capsule
Arteries & veins
This breakthrough approach uses the presence of mechanoreceptors to work with the connection between the joint and the brain. As Jean-Pierre Barral states in his introduction to this DVD, “Speak to the brain through the joints.”
This 90-minute DVD includes anatomy, physiology, theory and treatment in a very clear and concise manner to make it user friendly for all manual therapists. The anatomy for each technique is cross-referenced with pages from Thieme and Netter anatomy books for ease of learning. New Manual Articular Approach will greatly enhance the effectiveness of your patient treatments. This professionally produced HD-DVD is the first of a series, documenting the “New Manual Articular Approach” in excellent quality. The techniques were filmed with two cameras to show exact hand placement and movements.


Jean-Pierre Barral

Jean-Pierre Barral

Jean-Pierre Barral, Osteopath D.O., ist der Begründer und international führende Vertreter der Viszeralen Osteopathie und kann auf über 30 Jahre praktische Erfahrung zurückblicken. Er leitet die Abteilung Viszerale Manipulation der medizinischen Fakultät in Paris du Nord und ist Direktor des Collège International d’Ostéopathie in Saint Etienne. Neben seiner weltweiten Tätigkeit…

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