Interview with Matt Callison about Sports medicine acupuncture

Interview with Matt Callison about Sports medicine acupuncture

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Matt Callison,
President of AcuSport Seminar Series, Inc. dba AcuSport Education & Sports Medicine Acupuncture Certification Program



Naturmed: Matt, Sports injuries have been around since athletes started. Why are there so few books on sports medicine so far?

Matt Callison: There are many western biomedical books on Sports Medicine but very few that combine acupuncture, and even fewer than combine TCM. This book, I hope will provide a foundation for many other books to continue in the evolution of sports acupuncture.

What are the advantages of treating sports injuries with Chinese medicine or acupuncture vs orthodox medicine?

To answer this question would need a lot of explanation. Or, better yet, you could read Chapters 1-5 in the book to get a few good answers to this question.

Many sports physicians only swear on orthodox medicine for sports injuries. But more and more sports physicians are interested in acupuncture and other TCM therapies. What do you think is the reason for this?

It is easy to get fixated on one way of practicing medicine. To many, acupuncture is a fad or a NEW „alternative“ to western biomedicine. The amount of solid research that is coming out on the efficacy of acupuncture and it’s explanation of how it can work is profound. Basically, what is being discovered today is a western anatomical explanation of what our founding fathers in TCM have been practicing for thousands of years. The only difference is the description in how it works.

You have written an amazing book on sports medicine and acupuncture. What were the main motivations for the book?

Seeing the continued positives results in the increase of range of motion, the change in proprioceptive awareness and function, the increase in strength gains and ultimately the decrease in pain. I started combining sports medicine and TCM 30 years ago and still continue today to be amazed at the incredible results and remain a student of this combination.

The book contains incredible pictures and very comprehensive explanations of the injury and treatments. How long did it take to write such a comprehensive book?

25 years

Matt, thank you so much for the interview. We are looking forward to seeing you at the TCM Congress in Rothenburg 2020

<==Click here to take a look in his new book, Sports medicine acupuncture

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