Guimberteau-J.-C. | Colin Armstrong

Architecture of Human Living Fascia w. DVD

The extracellular matrix and cells revealed through endoscopy

  • ISBN: 9781909141117
  • 2015, 232 pages


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This richly illustrated hard cover book, with accompanying DVD and website, presents Dr. Guimberteau’s groundbreaking work, and explains its significance for manual therapists and movement teachers, and its implications for what they do with patients and clients.
Dr. Guimberteau is the first person to film living human tissue through an endoscope in an attempt to understand the organisation of living matter.
He has developed his own concept of the multifibrillar structural organisation of the body, of which the microvacuole is the basic functional unit.
He has also developed a concept of global dynamics and continuous matter.
His films confirm the continuity of fibres throughout the body and show how adjacent structures can move independently in different directions and at different speeds while maintaining the stability of the surrounding tissues.
This role is carried out by what he calls the Microvacuolar Collagenic Absorbing System.
He has opened a window into a strange world of fibrillar chaos and unpredictable behaviour, and has revealed the morphodynamic nature of the fibrils that constitute the connective tissue, as well as the fractal, non-linear behaviour of these fibrils.
His work ties in with that of Donald Ingber on tensegrity within the cytoskeleton, and the links between the cytoskeleton and the Extracellular Matrix as described by James Oschman.
Including 400 4-colour photographs and diagrams plus 90 video clips on DVD.
Forewords by Thomas W. Findley and Adalert I. Kapandji

1) Tissue Continuity
2) Fibrillar Continuity and Form
3) Mobility and Adaptability
4) The Relationship between the Cells and the Fibrillar Architecture
5) Spatial Arrangement, Tensegrity, and Fractalization
6) Adaptations and Modifications of the Multifibrillar Network
7) Concept of Connective Tissue as the Architectural Constitutive Tissue Responsible for Form

There is also a German translation for this book: Faszien, mit DVD.
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Colin Armstrong DO is a British trained Osteopath. He spent the first five years of his career in Zimbabwe and is now based in France. He has over 30 years of clinical experience and has undertaken extensive postgraduate training in France and Britain. The study of osteopathy from different cultural perspectives has given him a unique insight into the way people experience pain and illness, and the impact this has on the therapeutic encounter. His areas of special interest include paediatric osteopathy and osteopathic care during pregnancy. He is a founder member of the French Academy of Osteopaths.


Colin Armstrong

Colin Armstrong

Colin Armstrong DO ist ein in Großbritannien ausgebildeter Osteopath. Die ersten fünf Jahre seiner Karriere verbrachte er in Simbabwe und lebt heute in Frankreich. Er verfügt über mehr als 30 Jahre klinische Erfahrung und hat eine umfangreiche postgraduale Ausbildung in Frankreich und Großbritannien absolviert. Das Studium der Osteopathie aus verschiedenen…