Nendo Tamashii: The Soul in the Clay

  • ISBN: 9781890995768
  • o.J., 86 pages


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A Nendo Tamashii (from the Japanese nendo, clay, and tamashii, soul) is a hand-molded sphere of clay specially created with the intention of raising the Life Energy – the innate Healing Power – of the person holding it. In its center, a clear quartz crystal is embedded as its Soul: the Soul in the clay. The ultimate function of the nendo is to help the person find his own Soul – his own Tamashii – thereby easing his deepest suffering. Neither sculpture nor pottery, the nendo is surely one of Dr. Diamond’s most original contributions to using the arts for healing.

This exquisite collection is a series of writings inspired by the nendo concept. With the unique combination of depth, insight, and spirituality that characterizes his work, Dr. Diamond explores the themes that surround the nendo through a series of short papers and poems. The result is an inspirational collection, which, like the nendo itself, is intended to raise the Life Energy of the reader.

Essential, profoundly rewarding reading for anyone interested in holistic healing, meditation, or a higher philosophy of life.

Dr. Diamond always shows us what true Healing is and how we can help others and ourselves. I am sure this book will be one of our guides to Healing.
– Dr. Shigeto Toyama, D.C. – chiropractor, Tokyo

Zu diesem Band ist eine deutsche Übersetzung in Planung.