Singing and Surgery: Waking Up with a Song

  • ISBN: 9781890995881
  • o.J., 48 pages


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Inspired by a series of surgical operations undergone by Dr. Diamond in the spring of 2010, this remarkable book was created to encourage others to view surgery as a spiritual, transcendental experience, rather than one rooted in fear and anxiety.

The result is a unique, deeply personal collection of reflections, poems and meditations. Its themes include: using the power of music, innate in us all, to help transcend traumatic experience such as surgery, a belief in the Spirit World, and that everything that we do and that happens to us in our lives is the result of Guidance from that world. While these themes are found elsewhere in Dr. Diamond’s writings, nowhere are they expressed with such compelling concision, depth and coherence.

Singing and Surgery exudes a spirituality and wisdom that confirms the author’s place at the forefront of today’s holistic doctor-healers. It will be an inspiration for anyone undergoing surgery, to those interested in the use of music as a therapeutic modality, and, more generally, anyone interested in the spiritual dimension of medicine.

A rare blend of psychiatrist, traditional healer, and spiritual guide, Diamond has combined an eclectic array of cultural and healing arts to address the intractable issues of the human soul.
—Tom Monte, East West Journal